The New Fierce

So summers here, eh? I just left sunny California for a wedding back home and am sitting in the Chicago airport where it is cold and rainy. They say it’s spring but I think we’re fooled! But really- spring is here and so is summer (yay!), so it’s time to start those bikini ready bodies, right?

I want to help you guys change your mindset that we all have to be these stick thin models that also have abs, and a great ass- it’s ridiculous! I want you women to be strong, fierce, and fit because it makes you feel good, NOT because that is how we should look. I constantly get annoyed at the men who say “you’re really fit aren’t you? Do you Cross Fit?” Just because I lift weights and look stronger than the average doesn’t give you the right to judge me. Regardless if we are fit or are working on it, people still talk about it. So, I challenge all of you to shove those people and thoughts aside and just focus on you and how you want yourself to feel. 

As far as actually getting ready for the summer, it’s all about eating cleaner and spending more time sweating. The fun part is finding what you love to do to sweat! Working out doesn’t have to be a chore. If you don’t like the gym- skip it! Go on a hike, try a dancing class, swim, sign up for a team sport, literally anything that makes you happy and burns some calories will be in your favor. People think I’m crazy for loving to run, but I truly LOVE it. I know that’s strange to most, but it’s what makes me happy and what I want you all to find. For summer eats- add as many veggies, greens and proteins to your diet as you can. There’s no need to try some crazy diet. Most the time, people end up failing or if they succeed they end up gaining the weight back when they’re done. Diets only focus on short term fixes instead of long term, so try and change your eating habits all together for a better, healthier, long term effect. Smoothies are a great way to get in all three of the above and always snack smarter! The least amount of boxed/processed foods the better.

Here’s where we can set a goal for ourselves. I will ____________. I will sweat once a day. I will have three balanced meals a day. I will try a new sport. Anything you want! Make it fun and not a chore so you are excited about it. If you need extra support grab your spouse or a friend and do it together. This summer is about empowerment for yourself and no one else! 

I’m feeling super fierce right now ladies. #girlpower. Let’s kick some ass this summer.

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