The Benefits of Adventure in Friendships

Imagine a typical night with your best friend. This one is easy for most of us. For me, when my BFF and I see each other we are likely to sit on the couch, talk, and eat snacks (mostly cheese). Our relationship is stable. We have no reason to make plans beyond these nights because we both enjoy them; they are our go-to type evenings. 



Now, imagine the feelings of accomplishment and wonder you experience after completing something new for the first time. Perhaps you just learned a new skill, conquered a fear, or tasted the most amazing new dish at this awesome new restaurant. All of these experiences create the same undeniably wonderful sensations we get from new adventures. These breaks in monotony are what keep our lives fresh. They can lead us down new paths and help us understand what makes us happy. Some of the best adventures of my life have been completely out of my comfort zone, yet led me to discover foods and places that I didn’t know I love.


Our existing relationships often suffer from a lack of these bright moments. Although I will never turn down a girl’s-night-in with cheese, I find that I rarely include my closest friends in my most exciting new experiences. I believe we, as people, tend to take loved ones closest to us for granted in this way. Sometimes it is so easy to get trapped in the cycle of our relationships—even if the cycle is positive! Tending to this stable relationship in this way never feels like it’s top priority. Yet- these are the relationships that most often will benefit from the spark of adventure! Basic human psychology supports this fact, and the sooner we understand it the more our friendships will flourish.


            So, here is a list of five things to try out with your bestie ASAP:

1. Go to a new restaurant

2. Get in the car and drive. At each intersection flip a coin, heads you turn right and tails you turn left

3. Flip open a cook book and make that dish together from scratch. If it turns out bad? Order pizza!

4. Each of you pick one movie you totally love that the other one hasn’t seen. Make a fort and watch them together!

5. Spend one day trying to learn a new skill together. Guitar? Poetry? Braiding like a champ?


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