Summer Bodies That Slay

Hello gorgeous! I don’t know about you all but I’m so ready for summer! I’m not used to these west coast summers. East coast is already in the 90s everyday and I’m usually way tanner by now. I thought I lived in California? Why am I still running in pants in the morning?



This will change soon I know! I’ve been thinking a lot lately about the foods I eat and how they impact my summer beach body. For some reason I have been huge into snacking lately and it’s such a hard habit to kick. The biggest thing for my body to stay fit is to not snack as much and focus on the balanced meals during the day. Everyone is different and it’s so important to learn your body and how it responds to certain diets (i.e. meaning your every day diet and not a low calorie diet). Nutrition is huge. It is more important than your workouts (insert shocked emoji here). But I’m not kidding! You can workout everyday and if you eat like shit- it will show. 



If you guys have read my previous articles you will know I’m not into diets. You should learn to eat healthy and keep yourself at the healthiest weight all the time than to put your body through the stress of yo-yoing dieting. I’ve been making mini goals for myself to get me through it easier. My biggest weakness is sweets. My friends will tell you- I love any type of chocolate or baked goods way too much! I definitely have to hold myself back a lot. My main goal the past couple of weeks is to not eat anything after dinner. I’m so terrible and will want to snack while watching TV at night. So I eat an early dinner with nothing afterwards and I wake up feeling so much better and lighter. 



So here are my main tips to help keep that waistline thin for the summer! 


  • Plan your meals ahead. Work weeks are stressful! I’m not telling you to meal prep every week because I don’t even do that- but what I like to do is make extra leftovers when I cook dinner to eat the next couple of days. Then I don’t have to think about it- just pack and go! 
  • Try to keep snacking to twice a day and think healthy! I don’t love just eating fruits and veggies for my snacks- it doesn’t curb my appetite long enough. So I like to add hummus or even do pretzels and peanut butter and watch my portions. For the most part though, I usually go for a low sugar high protein or fiber granola bar. They hold me over longer and they’re delicious! 
  • Treat yourself once or twice a week. Like I said above, I LOVE sweets. I’d eat them everyday. But for me give myself challenges of only eating them 1-2 times a week. It helps curb my cravings overtime and is healthier. If you’re more of a salt person- do the same. Only eat chips or whatever your snack of choice is 1-2 times a week. 
  • Don’t eat until you’re actually hungry. This is so hard! We are a society of bored eaters. This one is huge though and will get you far in terms of loosing weight. I don’t eat until I’m hungry in the mornings and try my best to do the same through out the day.
  • Lastlydon’t snack after dinner!! It is so important to give your body 10-12 hours of not eating during the night. If you eat less than an hour before going to bed, your body actually won’t breakdown fat like it normally does during sleep. So, kill the snacking at bedtime and wake up feeling so much lighter!


Here’s the thing, I’m not a person that will tell you not to eat what you want. I love certain foods too much to never eat them. And also, what’s the point of living if you can’t have what you want, right? Just be smart and use portion control. We can’t have what we want all the time, but never deprive yourself. That usually ends up in a binge disaster! Most importantly, have a fantastic summer and treat yourself every now and then. We want life to be fun, not sad and full of diets, right?

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