Self Care With Essential Oils

Throughout the past 2 weeks things have been a bit crazy and apparently it’s a hectic time for everyone these days. Feeling my own stress and seeing posts about everyone else’s stress has me thinking about coping and self-care. I have learned that taking good care of our physical bodies and our minds is quite important to overall self-care. Far too often, I see people going and going and going (remember the old Energizer bunny commercials…) and not taking any time to create momentary solace or a sound body and mind/soul. I’m a very busy mother, wife, counselor, volunteer and network marketing professional so I completely understand what it feels like to be pulled in a bazillion directions. 



I strongly urge you to make YOU a priority (points to self).How effective are we if we aren’t taking care of ourselves? The other day, I saw a picture that said, “You can’t pour from an empty cup.” Let’s think about that for a second. If you have nothing in your cup then you have nothing to give to anyone else. We can’t “pour out”, or effectively do anything, without something in our “cup”, or proper self-care. Soooo, the question of the day is….What are YOU doing for YOU? Face it, you put everyone and everything before yourself. You rarely have time to keep your head on straight or even to get a good night’s sleep. BUT I am a big believer in acknowledging the difference between explanations and excuses. We cannot continue to use “busyness” as an excuse for not taking care of ourselves. Here are some suggestions for self care practices:




-Motivational videos/podcasts/books

​-Prayer/meditation/yoga/intentional deep breathing

​-Essential oils (I will share my personal favorites below)

​-Blocks of time set aside for a hot bubble bath or semi-long shower

-Going on a walk

-Exercise, exercise, exercise! 

-Scheduling a massage 

-Time with friends 

-Doing a leisure activity or something you enjoy

-Quiet time or doing something just for you

-Hiding in a closet and scarfing down some ice cream (can’t go wrong with that one)





I personally do a combination of most of these things. I don’t make excuses or say I don’t have time. I DO IT. I schedule it with intention and I make it happen. That took a LOT of practice and a LOT of personal development and a LOT of commitment on my part. I do the same thing I work with my clients to do…we change behaviors. We shift cognitions and adopt new habits. Every single day I use my essential oils, use affirmations and I exercise—sometimes at home and sometimes at the gym. I never, ever go a day without my essential oils. Period. They help me tremendously. I deserve it and so do you. Here are a few beneficial essential oils for transformation and self-care (there are WAY too many good ones to list all of them here):




-White Angelica

-Stress Away 

-Orange or Lemon 





-Stress Away 






No matter what, begin to shift your thinking about life….about putting yourself first. It’s not selfish. It’s called balance. We all need balance. I would love to hear from you about ways you practice self-care! Feel free to share your thoughts and suggestions!​​​​​

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