Plant Friends

I love my plants. They are beautiful in all their different shades of color, they feed me with their leaves, blossoms, fruits and roots and they satisfy my olfactory nerves. That’s not all: they also absorb toxic substances from the air.




Isn’t that amazing?! So far so good, but there’s one more thing that you might not know about them: they communicate with you! Yes, it might sound unbelievable, but it’s actually true. There are famous studies about how plants not only communicate with each other, but also with us – humans. They are afraid when they recognize a person who has killed or mistreated one of their mates – their stress levels mount when that person enters the room. They grow better when humans talk to them in a gentle way. And what they hate most is not when people say mean things to them, but when they’re clinically ignored. It’s just science – if you see it in the rational way. Or it’s pure nature, a spiritual wild world where everything is connected – that’s the way I see it.




Here are the reasons why communicating with your plants is not only healthy for them, but also for you:



1) Satisfaction. You feel happy when you see how your plants grow and rejuvenate because you have talked to them, told them to stay strong and motivated and not to give up.


2) Teach. Learn. Effect. When telling your plants all these nice things, you also switch something in yourself. The way you treat others is how you treat yourself. So when you give them hope and don’t throw them away right away just because they ail or wither, you also teach yourself that there is always hope in the world and that even the ones who are on the rocks have a worth.


3) Appreciation. As you continue to show appreciation towards your plants, be thankful and make compliments, you also feel appreciated by them and the world.


4) Togetherness. When becoming friends with your plants, talking to them and even stroking them, you won’t ever feel lonely again. Maybe not ever, but more unlikely. Because you see them as what they are: living beings just like you in a spiritually connected world.


5) Wonder. From people who have been talking with plants for years and have lived in a natural, rural way, I’ve heard that they started hearing plants. It’s said that plants can make you hear words or sounds acoustically. They communicate intimately with you in a way that scientists can’t record. Doesn’t mean you’re crazy, but connected. 



Me, I feel the presence and vibes of my plants, but I don’t “hear” them. And by being attentive towards their vibes and appearance, I learn more and more about their needs and preferences. Hopefully one day I will understand them. 



6) Bond. Plants will like you when you treat them right. You can become friends with them. And it’s a great feeling knowing that you’re living in a connected world where these beings and presences see you as one of them and not just a technocratic human who forgot about the mysteries and open secrets in the world.

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