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As a young girl I loved playing by creeks. I always thought they were so magical and mysterious, like I was in an enchanted forest. I would pretend I was Pocahontas and talk to trees and see fairies.  

Then school years started. Once I was forced into supervised  environments doing group activities I didn’t enjoy, my love for the outdoors began fading away. Field trips were my worst nightmare. I hated hikes. Don’t even get me started on rafting. I didn’t understand why people would act surprised when I declined their invitation to kayak on the river. Who wants to sit in a tiny boat that could tip over at any moment? Apparently a lot of people do, I’m just not one of them. I didn’t understand why people around me were swimming in gross lakes wasted, or why some men would sit in the woods for hours waiting for a defenseless animal to kill. I didn’t understand why, at summer camp in Utah, they thought teaching me how to build a bird’s nest was cool.

I just assumed that liking the outdoors was not in me, but now looking back I realize that wasn’t the case at all. For one, I just love being comfortable. Wanting to be comfortable doesn’t mean that you can’t have an appreciation for nature. Also, everyone has different types of nature places they connect with, and I just happened to grow up in an environment where the nature activities didn’t resonate with me at all.

Now that I’m older and know myself a lot better, I am coming full circle back to when I was a small child, loving the outdoors. I have discovered how amazing it is to be in nature when you do it in your own preferred way.

My point is, being outdoors can be great for everyone, you just have to cater to what you’re comfortable with and everyone has different preferences. When you realize what you do and don’t prefer you can start building your lifestyle in a way that accommodates it. When you are in a setting that is comfortable and enjoyable to you, your mind and attitude will be in a better position to enjoy and appreciate the nature around you.

For some, the kayaks and the humid north Georgia hikes and swimming in gross lakes are their preferred method of enjoying nature, and that’s fine. But for others of us, we need to improvise. That is where glamping comes in.

When I was a kid I didn’t know glamping was a “thing”. If I had, I’m sure that girl scout camping trip from hell would have been less traumatizing. Now that I’m at an age where I can make my own choices and choose my own locations and situations to immerse myself in, a whole new beautiful natural world has opened up to me. I’ve realized for me its all about waterfalls, creeks, and forests (the pacific NW kind). It’s about Bali waterfalls, Ireland creeks and Oregon trees. It’s a spiritual experience for me and it feels fresh and mysterious, a vibe I could get lost in for hours.

When it comes to spending the night in nature, Glamping is how I roll.

For those of you who are also glampers, there are many places around the world that can provide you with the ultimate glamping experience. There’s even a website for glamping (www.glamping.com). If you go to the website you can enter your destination, the type of lodging you want, and the setting you want. Here is a list of some of my favorite from the site.  

Anegada Beach Club ($320/night)

Located in: British Virgin Islands

Great for: Romantic getaway

Beach front luxury tents

On-site restaurant


Capitol Reef Resort ($149/night)

Located in: Utah 

Lodging options: wagons, luxury cabins, tepees 

Access to numerous parks in the area 

Flat screen TVs/linens 

Great for: Groups and families 


Arena One 99 Glamping ($161/night)

Located in: Istria, Croatia 

The ultimate self-care retreat 


Healthy meals 

Setting: beach and forest 

Great for: couples, small groups, solo


Maui Eco Retreat ($220/night)

Setting: beach/island 

Located in: Hawaii 

Lodging: huts/cottages/lodges

Environmentally conscious

Themed rooms

Great for: Honeymoon, solo travelers 


Ice Hotel Jukkasjarvi ($138/night)

Located in: Sweden

Built of snow and ice 

Northern Lights 

Choose from a cold or warm room

Great for: Families, couples and small groups 


Ocho Artisan Bungalows ($350/night)

Located in: Guanacaste, COSTA RICA

Setting: Beach/jungle

Air conditioning


Great for: Families, couples, children 


Sandat Glamping Tents ($210/night)

Located in: Bali, Indonesia 

Setting: Forest/Jungle

Lodging: Eco-friendly tents and cottages 


Breakfast, drinks and snacks 

Great for: Couples and families 


Rivershore Resort ($185/night)

Located in: Queensland, Australia 

Lodging: Safari tents 

Heated pool 

On-site restaurant 


King sized beds

Water slides/playground 

Great for: Families, kids and large groups 


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