Essential Oils: A Mom’s Best Friend

The life of a parent never ends. Demands, tantrums, feeling unappreciated, being split in a bazillion directions, etc. It’s not always a glamorous title. Being a parent is taxing, but it is one of the most rewarding tasks as much as it is a challenge. Nothing in this world could have ever prepared me for how hard parenting is. I am the mother of two teenagers and I am telling you..teen years are BY FAR the hardest years I have experienced as a parent. I love my kids more than anything, don’t get me wrong. However, the age appropriate behaviors that my teens exhibit combined with the process of letting them go to be young adults and make semi-responsible decisions is quite the task! Some days are harder than others – hands down! 



No matter what kind of day I am facing, I can count on one thing! My essential oils! Every single day I use my essential oils. If I don’t, I can’t be held responsible for how crazy I may become. Parenting is no joke. Essential oils help with the every day stressors as well as the more intensive emotional days that come with parenting. I use LOTS of Stress Away essential oil. LOTS! Like an exorbitant amount. Seriously. Essential oils are phenomenally effective for both physical and emotional supports. My life has improved exponentially since I started using them. In my house, we use them for everything; to support all of our body systems, to reduce/eliminate chemicals and toxins as an alternative to everyday household items, to cook with, to make TONS of DIY stuff, and to support our emotions and behaviors. 




My teens know exactly what oils to get for what they need. My son is a varsity football player and he is constantly using oils for pre and post practice/game support. My daughter uses them to support her teen skin issues as well as for sleep, just to name a few. They use them for a lot of things – too many to list in this article. The point is that without them, life would not be as convenient or pleasant as it is. 





And on my worst days I just break down and have one of those ugly “mom cries” and then break out my oils. I feel so bad for my fellow ugly crying moms who don’t have oils for post crying emotional support and for pre-mommy meltdown support. Here’s the deal people, parenting is no joke, and if you are a parent then you know that it is no easy job! You will never stop worrying about your child(ren). Days are going to come and go. The challenges will always be there. You will constantly sacrifice your own happiness and needs for your children. We all do. But HOW you choose to support yourself and your children is SUPER important! You. Need. Essential. Oils. They will change your life! For more info please contact me! I would be more than happy to help! 

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