Elephant Enchantment

Elephants are enchanting creatures. Their presence speaks for itself, but it’s not just their appearance that is majestic. Elephant’s symbolize amazing virtues and spiritual qualities. Elephant’s are revered in many cultures, and just like all living things, they deserve our respect. Hopefully after reading this article you will have an enormous appreciation for elephants, and you may even discover that the elephant is your power animal. 



Elephants are a lot like us and feel many of the same emotions that we do (love, anger, jealousy) and they are extremely intelligent. They embody strength, compassion, patience and other admirable virtues. They are master communicators, and therefore symbolize the power of communication within relationships. They can teach us the importance of  communicating what we need as well as listening to others. Elephants communicate long distance to figure out which areas and resources are already being used so that they can find a new area, and it is for this reason that elephants don’t get territorial. Sometimes when we come from a mindset of lack we get territorial and that creates a negative vibe for everyone, when instead we should do all that we can to communicate and find ways to give everyone what they need while avoiding conflict and hate (and of course we should be aware of this regarding plants and animals too not just other humans). 




Elephants are highly sensitive to vibrations, both physically and energetically. They use seismic communication to find mates and feel out a situation energetically to assess if it is positive or negative. This gives them the gift of discernment, which is a very valuable asset. If you have this gift in your life then your power animal may be an elephant! 




It should also be noted (and this is my favorite) that elephant society is matriarchal. All of the females travel together and are led by the eldest female. What a powerful example of sisterhood. Love it. 




​Because of the elephants’ ability to recognize their own reflection, they represent heightened self-awareness. If you see an elephant in your dream, it could mean that you are getting in touch with your higher self. 




If an elephant is your power animal, then you possess ancient wisdom and are most likely a role model for a spiritual lifestyle. Other qualities that may signify that an elephant is your totem animal are extreme loyalty, a soft spot for the wounded/helpless, a knack for science and research, and feeling things very deeply. 




As amazing as these creatures are, they are far from treated as such. All over the world elephants are being poached for their tusks and abused in circus rings. It is easy to think that there is nothing that we can do about it, but maybe if we spread the knowledge and love for elephants then their mistreatment will become more and more taboo and more effort will be put towards stopping it. Attached below is a link to a foundation that you can donate to, and at the very least spread the love for elephants to others with your voice! They need us! 




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