April Showers Bring May Flowers

The last days of spring can have us feeling a bit crazy. Spring Fever is a real thing. Some of you may be stressing about finals and some of you may be ready for a vacation from work (me). 



Whenever you feel crazy and need to check out, or procrastinate from real responsibilities, what better way than a DIY project?



Here are some flower themed DIY projects to kick off the spring/summer transition! 



1. DIY Pressed Flower Phone Case 


Our phone is something we have on us at all times. If you really think about how many times a day you reach for your phone it is actually kind of alarming, but it is what it is. As much as we look at our phones it only makes sense to have a phone cover that we find visually appealing. You can find pressed flower phone cases on Amazon and other sites, but when you make your own pressed flower phone case it is so much more rewarding. Not only can you customize it with your favorite flowers, making it more visually appealing in a personal way, but every time you look at it you have the satisfaction of knowing that you made it yourself. There is something extremely gratifying about that. Kind of like when you slave over cooking a meal and it tastes 10 times better because you are more mindful of all of the ingredients and the work put into it. Also, feeling fresh flowers is a small way to connect with nature and is very grounding. 



Click HERE for the tutorial by Clare McGibbon 





2) DIY Flower Crown 



Thanks to Coachella, flower crowns are a hot trend. Whether your attending a festival, a wedding, or as an every day accessory because your awesome like that, flower crowns are always a good item to have. Sure you can find them in stores like Forever 21 and H&M, but it’s a lot more fun to make your own! 



Click HERE for the flower crown tutorial by Living After Midnite






3) DIY Flower Chandelier 


Chandeliers are amazing. I have always been obsessed with them. Whether or not you have a thing for chandeliers they are a great way to decorate for baby showers, bridal showers, weddings, graduation parties and pretty much any other kind of party for any girl. They’re also great to decorate your own room with, and even though the flowers won’t permanently stay alive, dead flowers look pretty awesome too (IMO). So whether you’ve been wanting a non-expensive chandelier for your room or have a party to decorate for, flower chandeliers are the way to go. 



Click HERE for the tutorial by HonestlyWTF






4) DIY Paper Cherry Blossoms 



I LOVE cherry blossoms and and I also LOVE decorating with flowers/fake flowers, so this DIY project is my favorite! For those of you who also like to go to Hobby Lobby on the reg (lol) and get fake flowers for your place.. definitely try this project! This DIY looks even better than the fake flowers you can find in stores and it’s a fun way to express yourself creatively whether you decorate your own space with it or make it for a friend. 



Click HERE for the tutorial by happyhappynester 







5) DIY Flower Backdrop 




Flowers are a beautiful and organic way to provide a backdrop that is stunning and elegant while also remaining simple enough to keep from stealing the focus away from the person in front of it. Whether you need a backdrop for your youtube channel, a scenery display for wedding pics or your high school senior pics, or even if you just want a fun backdrop to take selfies with your friends before going out… try one (or more) of the following floral backdrop projects!  



click HERE for the DAISY  backdrop by The House That Lars Built 



click HERE for the CARNATION backdrop by A Practical Wedding 




click HERE for the ROSE petal garland backdrop by Homeyohmy 






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